Above the Clouds X Asics GT “Shamrock Green” Sneakers


In a groundbreaking collaboration, Australian retailer Above The Clouds has joined forces with Asics to create the highly coveted Above the Clouds X Asics GT sneakers. This limited-edition release encapsulates the perfect fusion of refined style and exceptional performance. In this detailed article, we delve into the exceptional features of this exclusive footwear, exploring its design, release, and notable details.

The Inspiration Behind Above the Clouds X Asics GT “Shamrock Green”:

a. Above the Clouds – A Pioneer in Streetwear: Known for curating the finest streetwear and sneaker collections, Above the Clouds showcases its creative prowess in this collaboration. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of the GT “Shamrock Green.”

b. Asics – A Legacy of Performance: Asics, a renowned athletic shoe brand, has consistently emphasized quality and functionality in their footwear. Collaborating with Above the Clouds allows them to infuse their technical expertise with the retailer’s distinct aesthetic. This has resulted to a remarkable sneaker that caters to both style-conscious individuals and athletes.

Design and Aesthetics:

Asics - GT - Above the Clouds "Shamrock Green"
Asics – GT – Above the Clouds “Shamrock Green”

a. Eye-Catching Shamrock Green Colorway: The Above the Clouds X Asics GT “Shamrock Green” sneakers feature a vibrant and unique shade of green that immediately grabs attention. The color exudes energy and freshness, making it a statement piece for any sneaker collection.

b. Thoughtful Construction and Materials: Crafted with premium materials, including suede and mesh, the GT “Shamrock Green” offers durability, breathability, and utmost comfort. Asics’ dedication to excellence ensures a sneaker that withstands regular wear and maintains its shape over time.

c. Branding and Detailing: The collaboration’s branding is tastefully incorporated throughout the design. From the embroidered Asics logo to the Above The Clouds emblem on the tongue, every detail showcases the shared vision of both brands.

Limited Edition Release:

a. Exclusivity and Rarity: The Above The Clouds X Asics GT “Shamrock Green” is a limited-edition release, adding a touch of exclusivity to its appeal. these sneakers provide a unique opportunity to own a truly special and rare pair of kicks.

b. Investment Potential: With their limited availability, collaborative sneakers like the GT “Shamrock Green” often acquire increased value over time. As a collector’s item, the potential for future appreciation makes these sneakers an attractive investment.

Performance and Versatility:

a. Fusion of Style and Functionality: The GT “Shamrock Green” seamlessly combines fashionable aesthetics with top-notch performance features. Asics’ expertise in athletic footwear ensures superior cushioning, stability, and support for an exceptional wearing experience.

b. Versatile Styling Options: These sneakers effortlessly adapt to various outfits, ranging from casual streetwear to athleisure ensembles. The vibrant green colorway adds a pop of color to any look, making a bold statement without overpowering the overall outfit.


The Above the Clouds X Asics GT “Shamrock Green” sneakers represent the epitome of collaboration between two industry leaders. Combining Above the Clouds’ unique streetwear sensibilities with Asics’ unparalleled performance technology, these limited-edition sneakers offer an unmatched blend of style and function. With their eye-catching design, premium materials, and exclusive status, the GT “Shamrock Green” is a must-have for sneaker enthusiasts and collectors alike. Embrace the perfect balance of fashion and performance with this remarkable collaboration and elevate your sneaker game to new heights.

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