Air Max 90


Nike has always been a pioneer when it comes to creating classic shoes. The Nike Air Max 90 shoes are no exception. They are the epitome of what Nike stands for. They are popular silhouette and they have been relevant throughout different generations. The Nike Air Max 90 shoes we first released in 1990. The name of the shoe is derived from the year with which it is released initially. However, the Air Max 90 is also known as the Air Max 3.

Tinker Hatfield and Nike Air Max 90

The pioneer of the “Air” edition sneakers of the Nike Shoe Company designed the Air Max 90. That is architectural designer, Tinker Hatfield. Tinker also designed the Air Jordan. The Air Jordan happens to be one of the most popular sneakers by the Nike Sportswear Company. It only makes sense that the Air Max has gone through and surpassed the test of time. Nike and Hatfield have come a long way from 1987 when the first Air Max was “born”.

Air Max 90 Features

The shoe comprises of a thick out-sole with a bubble element to it. The bubble is part of what has made the shoe popular within the young and old. The cool and funky design bring forth a contemporary look for them. The Air Max 90 is made out of both leather and suede. Although others have had an issue with this, many others embrace the shoe as is. The Air Max out-sole is thick and consequently the inside is very comfortable. Others debate whether it is a comfortable shoe for working out or not but I think to each his own. The shoe is comfortable enough.

Photos by Adrian Hernandez on Unsplash


Overall, the Nike Air Max 90 is part of Nike’s long list of shoes that have stood the test of time. It continues to be one of the favorites, mostly because of its looks. Moreover, the cool colorways, design and silhouette are what makes the Air Max so popular. Although they are not as popular as the Air Force 1 shoes, they continue to be Nike’s top 10 best sneakers, of all time. Find a pair on the Nike website for about $125 for adults and about $55 for kids.

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