Billie Eilish Jordan 15

Billie Eilish is an American born singer-songwriter. She was born in 2001. Billie burst into fame in 2015 when she release her first single called Ocean Eyes. The song was well received by the masses and she has never looked back since. Her vocal heroics have helped her gain fame, awards and most interestingly, a collaboration with the Nike-Jordan Brand. Their most recent collaboration, released in October, is the Billie Eilish Jordan 15. The Air Jordan 15s were first released in 1999 and have since retained their uniqueness throughout the years. Not too bad for a shoe that is originally older than she is.

Billie Eilish Jordan 15 Features

The shoes have an interesting colorway and that is what makes them special. Billie is the co-designer. The shoes are made out of 20% recycled material and they are said to be 100% “vegan”. Whilst we are not 100% certain what vegan in this context means, we do however love how they look like. A fighter jet inspired design. That is why they have a unique shape to them and the unique feature on the “tongue” overlapping at the top. This distended feature allows for an easy slip in and wear.

Billie Eilish Jordan 15

The Billie Eilish Jordan 15 are light brown in colour. They are predominantly leather with a bit of soft material on the side. The leather makes them easier to clean. The Jordan logo is located on the side of the shoe and the inside of the shoe, whilst a Billie logo is located on the overlapping top part of the shoes.


Billie has mentioned that she has always loved Jordan’s and that is evident through her wearing some 1s during concerts. She has also been featured on the much popular YouTube sneakers channel called Complex, where she was just expressing her love for sneakers, and Jordan’s. The Billie Eilish Jordan 15 have been well received and this is seen through where they are currently sold out despite the $225 price tag. Whilst there are other alternative places to purchase a pair, this proves how well people have embraced the collaboration.

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