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A large population of the world love and follow sports. What makes sport even more interesting is the clothing and shoes that accompany that sport. We have been accustomed to brands like Nike, Adidas, Rebook, Puma, and most recently, the Under Armour “boom”. Whilst these have been “doing their thing” out there, a sportswear and sneakers company called Peak has been slowly but surely climbing the sportswear and sneakers ladder. Recent years have seen an increase in the Peak Basketball Shoes interest.

History of Peak

Peak is a Chinese Sportswear and Footwear company founded in the late 80s. Its headquarters is in Quanzhou, China. Their 5000 stores are in four continents and those are Europe, Asia, America and Australia. Recent years have seen them managing to add a few major basketball players to their roster. They are also venturing into concept stores in order to boost the brand’s look and overall sales.

Major Peak Basketball Shoes Endorsements with NBA players

Tony Parker

Tony Parker is a recently retired French born NBA player who played for the San Antonio Spurs for the better part of his career until his retirement days with Charlotte Hornets. He is a four time NBA Champion and they are all with the Spurs. He won his fourth NBA championship in 2014 whilst wearing Peak Basketball Shoes. Tony signed with them in the 2013 season after dropping sportswear giant in Nike. Peak continued to create good shoes for him until his retirement days. His sneakers have different colorways. One can choose from a variety of them.

Lou Williams

Lou Williams is one of the most talented player in the NBA. He has grown to be known as one of the best sixth man in the history of the game. He played with the LA Clippers for some years until recently where he has signed with the ATL Hawks for $5M for the season. His efforts and accolades have not been in vain since he has a good deal with Peak Sportswear and Footwear Company. Lou Williams wears “dope” Peak Basketball Shoes. The company has also made sure that he gets nicely designed sneakers.

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard is another NBA player signed to Peak. He is a Slam Dunk Contest Winner, 8-time NBA All Star player and 8-time all NBA team. He is also a 3-time defensive player of the year, has been in the all-defensive team 5-times and an NBA champion. 

Howard signed with PEAK in 2015. This move came as interesting news because he was signed with Adidas for approximately 10 years. Perhaps he needed the change since his three stripes sneakers we slowly falling into the bottom of the sales list. His line of sneakers under Peak are called “DH” which is short for his first name and last name. So has released DH1 to DH4.

Andrew Wiggins

Wiggins came into the league and many people had a lot of expectation from him. This is because he was the number 1 draft pick in the 2014 draft lottery. The Canadian born NBA player has since been balling hard since his inception into the league. He played for the Timber Wolves for a couple of years and now he is with the Golden State Warriors. Wiggins is a part of the NBA players who wear Peak Basketball Shoes. He announced the deal before the commencement of the 2020/2021 NBA season. The Wiggins sneakers are eye-catching and the thick out-sole provides for good comfort, especially for a big person like him.

Nick Young

Nick Young a.k.a Swagy P is an American born NBA professional league player. The Washington Wizards drafted him as the 16 pick. He also played for played for teams like the LA Lakers Golden State Warriors, Nuggets and Sixers. He is currently not in the league. However, his Peak Basketball Shoes continue to be in the market. Young was, in previous years, signed with Adidas but now he is the Peak Sportswear and Footwear company ambassador. We look forward to seeing more and more collaborations as the deal goes on.


Peak Basketball Shoes and Sportswear brand can also attribute their success in the collaboration with other international sporting partners. All the sneakers discussed above are available on Peak Sportswear and Footwear Company website. As sneakers diversity becomes more popular in the NBA, perhaps more and more NBA players might opt to sign with this brand. We definitely look forward to what more they have in-store for the market.

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