Nike Air Zoom MaxFly Sprinting Spikes For The Future

The controversy behind the Nike Air Zoom MaxFly sprinting spikes is interesting. Some former athletes claiming that the shoe provides for an advantage on the track compared to athletes wearing other sprinting spikes. True or not, this shoe has definitely had quite the welcome from popular sprinters such as the multiple time Olympic gold medalist, Shelly Ann-Fraser-Pryce of Jamaica. She was wearing these when she ran the fastest time in over 3 decades in the 100m race. Fraser-Pryce ran 10.63. The sprinting spikes do not only look good, but they also boost of performance. The Olympic champion, Elaine Thompson – Herah also did the most whilst wearing these. In not so many words, in one of her interviews when asked about the sprinting spikes, she says success comes from preparation and consistent hard work by her and her coach. Not from the Air Zoom MaxFly.

Air Zoom MaxFly Features

The Air Zoom MaxFly looks good from a distance and up close. Nike definitely kept its focus with the design. The good thing about the design is that everything is there for a reason. The shoes are good looking, well put together and possess a couple of features that help harness the speed of an athlete. I suppose that is why they are said to possess an impellent element to them. The sole is made out of carbon fiber. This is not only durable but also light enough. Carbon fiber brings forth one of the most important features and that is of propulsion. Here are the important features the Nike Air Zoom MaxFly sprinting spikes possess:

Air Zoom

Outsole: Full Carbon Fiber Plate

Spike Pins: 7 (Detachable)

Upper Material: Flyweave (Water Proof)

Weight: 155g/5.5oz – 173g/6.1oz


The 2020 Tokyo Olympics 100m women’s gold medalist, Elaine Thompson – Herah had the infamous Nike Air Zoom MaxFly sprinting spikes on her feet when she conquered. Thompson – Herah also did the most at the Eugen Diamond league. She is currently the second fastest women off all time with 10.54 seconds after American Florence Griffith-Joyner who has 10.49 seconds. Third on that list is Thompson’s fellow citizen, Shirley Ann Fraser-Price with 10.63 seconds. Both Athletes have set their highest records in 2021. After all has been said and done, Nike, through Air Zoom MaxFly, have provided athletes with a perfect sprinting shoe.

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