Curry 8 Flow Basketball Shoes: The Curry Brand

Stephen Curry is a husband, father, NBA player, 2-time NBA season MVP, 3 time NBA champion, and 7 time NBA All-Star. He is the only unanimous season MVP in NBA history. Stephen is also considered the “3 point shot” game changer in this generation. He has done all these on court achievements wearing a pair of Curry sneakers by Under Armour. Stephen Curry has an endorsement deal with Under-Armour.  They have created some awesome shoes for Curry, his fans and sneaker heads at large. We have seen all they have done. However, now we shall be looking into the first individually branded (whilst still signed under UA) in the Curry 8 Flow.

The inspiration behind the Curry 8 Flow

When Stephen Curry signed with UA, they it hit it off immediately. Fortunately, all the Curry sneakers have been pleasing and as well welcomed by the masses. The amazing part is that Curry and his foundation give back to the people through this endorsement deal. It is not just about making money. This brings us to the recent agreement between Curry and UA. They have both agreed to launch what is now dubbed “The Curry Brand”. The first sneakers release after this deal is the sleek and dynamic Curry 8 Flow pair.

Curry 8 Flow
Curry 8 Flow. image Source:

Inspiration for the sneakers was drawn from a few places. However, there are two significant ones to be noted. The first inspiration comes from the significance the number 8 holds. In some places or cultures, the number 8 means “good luck or success”. Secondly, there is also a pink with white out-sole version of the Curry 8 Flow. That version was designed with Curry’s mother in mind and it is a tribute to her and the teaching fraternity.

Curry 8 Flow Look and Feel

The Curry 8 Flow sneakers are simple yet sleek and dynamic. The Curry logo stands out on the side to signify the dominance of the brand since the deal. It also comes in different colorways so there are options for everyone. The shoe, just like any other Curry, boosts of good comfort. Since comfort is not the only important thing, they have also made sure to keep the quality top notch.

The upper part of the shoe is a proper fit and the light material on the top makes it breathable. This shoe also accommodates those who want to wear the pair in summer as well.  These shoes were designed to help Curry perform at his best. This is because they are lighter than previous releases and the sole was made to withstand all the movement and trickery he gets up to on the court.


Curry continues to break ground as he makes significant strides in the sneaker world. With the Curry Brand, he joins a group of other legends to have such deals with sporting brands. An MVP type move is it not. We look forward to seeing what Stephen Curry and Under Armour (AU) have in store for us through the Curry Brand. Whilst we have been mesmerized by the Curry Flow 8’s the whole time since the Curry Brand deal, you should prepare for more from the Curry Brand.

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