Kyrie X Nike SB: Basketball Meets Skateboarding

Before Kyrie Irving became an NBA star, he was into skating as a teenager, and he displayed his skating skills to the world in 2012 at the berrics in Tokyo. Kyrie Irving is an NBA Champion, Multiple All-Star and is one of a few NBA basketball players to win a Gold Medal and NBA Championship in the same year. His basketball prowess is the one that earned him the sneakers endorsement deal with Nike. Furthermore, his collaboration with Nike has brought forth what we are discussing today. That is the Kyrie x Nike SB sneakers.

Kyrie Irving on Skateboarding

“I’ve always had a love for it and the culture, and what it represents. Being able to do all that stuff and balance and utilize your body to perform tricks like that, and going off ramps, and falling over and over again and still getting up and trying”, said Kyrie to the “Hypebeast” when asked about how he got into skating.


Kyrie – SB Dunk Collaboration

His love for skating inspired the design of the Kyrie X Nike SB. The Kyrie X Nike SB. The Nike SB’s were first debuted in March 2002, during that time skating sneakers were excelling in the market. In 2017, Kyrie decided to hop on the train and release the Kyrie x Nike SB. He first wore the sneaker during the 2017-18 NBA season. When Kyrie made the move to Boston, he was able to connect with the place and their culture, thus inspiring the Kyrie “Yellow Lobster” SB dunk low.

Kyrie SB Collaboration.
Kyrie SB Collaboration. Photo Cred:


In the 2018-19 season, Nike and Kyrie released Kyrie’s 4th design, “Day of the Dead” SB Dunk Low. The shoe is quite colorful and festive; there are tiny skeletons around the toebox and midfoot. This displays how cool Nike and Kyrie work together to bring about awesome sneakers to the market. Kyrie continues to work with Nike SB, releasing more skateboarding and balling sneakers at a very affordable price.

These Kyrie x Nike SB sneakers have been inspired by Skateboarding.

These Kyrie sneakers have been inspired by Skateboarding.

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