Converse and politics: How Kamala Harris challenged the rules of political dress wear

Most of us have had Converse sneakers at some point and time in our lives. The brand has been around the block but was catapulted back into the spotlight by none other than US vice-president, Kamala Harris. She has established what we would like to call; The Converse and Politics Effect.

Kamala Harris and her All-Star Converse trend

She made history by being the first woman of colour to be elected into office. However, that is not the only precedent she has set. Her penchant for choosing her Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers over traditional office footwear has caught the eyes of many, including ours. Her choice of footwear is not considered the norm, but was a breath of fresh air in a world riddled with rules and codes of conduct.

Whilst most would opt for either heels or pumps for official duties, Harris’ often chose her Chuck Taylor’s as her go to sneakers. She has mastered the art of pairing her beloved All Stars with blazers, pantsuits, slim jeans and casual shirts. Throughout the presidential elections, Harris was often spotted in her All-Star low top sneakers in either black, white or cream. In other times she opted for Converse platforms and High-tops.

All-Star - Converse
Kamala Harris during the campaign wearing Converse All Star

Converse and Politics Effect

The clothes we wear often represent who we are, our personality, thought patterns and emotions. We are often judged by our choice of dress wear and footwear, especially in professional spaces. So why would a prominent politician choose to break away from what is considered the norm of political dress wear? One may think that it was a campaign gimmick. However, contrary to that belief, that is who she has always been. Harris brought her personal style with her into the office, and has set a new trend in politics.

All-Star - Converse
Kamala Harris and the campaign edition Chucks


In an interview with Complex, Harris said “I love my Chuck’s… it’s a statement about who we really are. Whatever your background is, whatever language your grandmother spoke, you know, we all at some point or another had our Chucks”. There’s an iconic image is of her stepping off a plane for a campaign in Wisconsin. She was not in heels or pumps, but in her black low top All-Stars. She was indirectly sending a strong message that you can get the job done, when you are more comfortable in your favorite shoes. It is no doubt that with her Chuck’s and winning attitude, Harris is ready to challenge a few norms and set a new fashion trend.

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