Reebok Classic Leather

Reebok Classic Leather

In the early 80’s, the Reebok Classic Leather was first debuted as a running shoe, but it later found its way to music and pop culture. To be specific, the first released was in 1983. That was a time when brands like Nike had released the Nike Air Force 1 the previous year. The Air Jordan 1 was also nearing its release in about a year or two. Therefore, the Reebok Classics were up against such. Fortunately it has held its ground up to this far.

Reebok Classic Leather

Reebok Classic and it impact on Pop Culture

As expected, the shoes are made of leather and because they were ideally designed for running, they are extremely comfortable. Over the years, the shoe has gained respect and recognition therefore “cementing” its legendary and classic status. Alicia Keys, Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z, just to name a few, have collaborated with Reebok Classic. Kendrick was an ambassador for Reebok before signing with Nike. Reebok was still focused on being a fitness brand, producing shoes for sporting activities and even collaborated with Cross-Fit. This is despite the attention Reebok received in pop culture and casual wear,

Reebok Classic Leather “360°” turn

Over time, Reebok suffered a loss in endorsement deals and had trouble reaching the right audience. Eventually they switched back to fashionable wear, and designed more shoes for casual wear. The Reebok Classics are dominating as we speak, with millennials fascinated by the old school look the they have. Reebok also caters for both women and men, which is rare in the sneakers business.

Reebok Classic Leather


After the comeback made by Reebok, they have sold a great number of their sneakers and have been able to collaborate with other celebrities such as Cardi B. This collaboration began in 2018 and fortunately, it has been flourishing in the market. Reebok continues to try influence the market even more as more and more sporting and clothing brands make their way into the market.

Reebok Classic Leather - Unisex
Reebok Classic Leather – Unisex

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