Nike Air Force 1 – The Rise

The first Nike Air Force 1 was introduced in 1982. It was designed by a man called Bruce Kilgore. It was a high top with an ankle strap and a grey and white colourway. So it is apparent that they were predominantly designed for athletes. Nike endorsed six major NBA players to help promote the sneaker. These were Michael Cooper, Moses Malone, Bobby Jones, Jamal Wilkes, Calvin Natt, and Mychal Thompson. During Kobe Bryant’s free sneaker agent period, he rocked a pair of Air Force 1’s during a game.

07 Nike Air Force 1 Releases
07 Nike Air Force 1 Releases

Nike Air Force 1 and Its Impact in Pop Culture

For the longest time, Air Force 1’s were a limited edition, getting a pair was a bit difficult. Rappers, hustlers and drug dealers were at the frontline of creating the Air Force 1’s original public image. Throughout the 90’s, Air Force 1’s gained the most popularity, with the likes of Jay-Z and Juelz Santana representing the shoe. Nelly even recorded a whole song dedicated to the sneakers. Nike took advantage of the popularity it gained through the rappers and hip-hop industry by forming an alliance with Roc-A-Fella and designing a shoe with their logo.

Air Force 1 and the rest of the world

The White Nike Air Force 1 is one of the bestselling shoes to have ever been produced. In 2005 alone, Nike sold 12 million Pairs of Air Forces, worldwide. The beauty of the AF1 is that it knows no race, no gender and no class; anyone and everyone can wear it. The shoe goes with any fashion style, whether it is skinny jeans, sweatpants, basketball shorts, it just works, and that is probably why it still holds the place for the most popular shoe for over 30 years now.

Nike Air Force 1 High Classic


By just looking at the first Nike Air force 1’s, it is easy to see where another legendary sneaker, in the Jordan 1s, drew inspiration. Another Nike shoe inspired by the Air Force 1’s was the Nike Air Ship, released in 1984. Timeless, classic and exquisite designs. We are certain that this shoe is a shoe for the ages. Until this day, getting a fresh pair of AF1 makes one feel as if they have accomplished something since the shoe trends on a yearly basis.

Nike Air Jordan 1
1984 Nike Air Ship
1984 Nike Air Ship

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