wrap sneaker with cloth/towel/pillow/sneaker bag

How to Wash Sneakers in the Washing Machine

Which type of sneakers can you wash in the machine?

Sneakers are one of the most critical items of clothing and how they look plays a major role in completing your overall look. It is imperative to keep them clean. Throughout the years there has been a habit of wearing canvas shoes with a bit of dirt on them but only a few type of shoes can pull off that “cool dirty sneaker” look. We want to help and guide you on how to wash your sneakers in the washing machine. Moreover, to mention which type of sneakers can or cannot be washed in the machine.

Image of sneakers in the washing machine.

Steps to follow when washing sneakers in the washing machine:

  • Use a soft/liquid washing agent (detergent). A soft detergent is one that does dissolves easily or fast in water, more especially cold water. If you do not use a soft detergent, there will be some detergent particles on the sneakers after the machine wash and you do not want that. You want to use one that is easy to rinse off in order to avoid “after wash” stains on your sneakers.
  • Add cold water in the machine. This is imperative more especially because you do not want to damage your sneakers. Adding hot water can alter the shape of your shoe or even go as far as losing the glue that keeps your sneaker together. In a case where you have used towels or have added laundry to you sneaker wash, you do not want colour to be disseminated to your sneakers from the laundry.
Machine wash cold
  • Remove the in sole, laces, and wash separately. Removing the in-sole and shoe laces allows you to clean every part of your sneaker thoroughly. This will allow the machine wash to do its job properly.
sneaker in-sole
Sneaker in-sole
shoe laces
  • Wrap the sneaker with a big towel or put them in an old pillowcase or an environmentally friendly sneaker bag to help absorb the impact during the washing cycle.
sneakers bag_
wrap sneaker with cloth/towel/pillow/sneaker bag
  • In some instances, you do not even have to wrap the sneakers with the towel but rather just add the two big towels like you would any regular items.
  • Make sure that the water is not hot because even if you mix it with other items. This will assist in making sure that the colour is does not fade of pass on to other items. This is more of a secondary precaution since the first step clearly states that you should use cold water.
Do not use hot water.
  • Put the washer on delicate mode/slow wash. After having gone through your above check list, run the machine on Delicate mode. Do not use a fast spin mode since this might damage your sneakers during the wash.
Do a delicate machine wash.
Do a delicate machine wash.
Do a delicate machine wash. Wash for about 25-35 minutes.
Wash for about 25-35 minutes.
  • Do not put them in the dryer. The dryer emits hot or warm air. This can damage the sneakers. Do not tumble dry them either. This can also damage your sneakers.
Do not put the sneakers in the dryer.
  • Do not try to dry them up quick using heat (including direct sunlight). Hot water or hot air might ruin the sneaker since the upper part of the sneaker and the sole and put together using glue. Rather let them dry up with regular temperature.

Note: If you stick to these steps, please be reminded NOT use HOT water or any type of detergent that may ruin your sneakers. Please note that some actually soak their sneakers for a few hours before putting them in the washer. Also, do not wash leather sneakers in the washing machine.

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