Why is Converse All-Star so popular after 100 years?

converse all star
Converse All Star

Most of us, (if not all of us) have owned a pair of Converse All-Star sneakers at one point and time. All-Stars are that shoe that has been around and will continue to be around for generations to come. They invoke nostalgia, they remind you of the good old days or a momentous time in your life. The brand is the embodiment of the word “timeless”. You know someone in your family that wore or still wears them

as a staple part of their closet. All Stars are not just shoes; they represent a vibrant culture. Affectionately known as “Chucks”, these kicks have a version for any occasion. Whether you choose the High tops or Low-tops, leather or canvas, they add a unique touch to your outfit of choice.

Let’s dive into some history.

The brand has been around for 100 years. It was founded by Marquis Mills Converse in 1908 which originally called the Converse Rubber Shoe Company, which transitioned to producing basketball sneakers in 1917 which were titled Converse All-Stars. In 1923 the Converse All-Star basketball shoe was introduced and earned its famous name “Chucks” from basketball player Charles “Chuck” Taylor who played for the Converse Basketball team and became a brand ambassador. Taylor was sponsored by company called The Converse All Stars and became a staple for many basketball players. The shoes grew in popularity when they were worn by Olympic athletes in 1968.

Basketball Hall of fame Chuck Taylor when he played for the Converse All Star. Image Source:
Basketball Hall of fame Chuck Taylor when he played for the Converse All Star. Image Source:

So why are they still so popular?

It is without a doubt that there is a rich history behind All Stars that makes one wonder why such an iconic shoe remains popular today. Here are a few reasons why we think All Stars still slay to this day;

Converse All-Star shoes are versatile

Whether you are going for smart casual or a full casual look, there is a pair for every look you’re going for. You can wear them to a wedding, a funeral, the beach or even to church! Or follow in the steps of US Vice-president Kamala Harris and challenge the boundaries of professional dress codes with your pair of All Stars.

USA Vice President Kamala Harris and her Converse All Star loyalty
USA Vice President Kamala Harris. Image Source:


There’s no doubt that these are the strongest shoes around. When they say ‘age with grace’, they are describing Converse All Stars. With proper care and maintenance, these shoes last have a longer life span than the average sneaker, thanks to the strong rubber sole. This is all fancy speak for saying these kicks last a long time and can withstand the harshest weather conditions.


Despite the ever-changing fashion landscape, Converse have stayed true to their brand and complimented every fashion trend. They have remained consistent in their offering of shoe wear, with few notable collaborations that offer a fun twist to the shoe such as Comme des Garcons, which adds a certain edge to your outfit.

Converse x Comme des Garcons


If you are also looking to customize your Chucks, they are the perfect canvas to do so. Kamala Harris did it too when campaigning for the vice-presidency and we can all agree that they looked simple yet incredible.

USA Vice President Kamala Harris wore a pair of customized Chucks

All Stars will basically never go out of style. They are fun to wear and are the perfect street shoe for any occasion. They add great value to your wardrobe and will not break the bank if you decide to add to your collection. If you have never owned a pair, they are worth every cent (in our very strong opinion.)

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